About Me

I am Semika from Colombo, Sri Lanka and working in software engineering field for 12 years of time by now.

Primarily, I love to involve with enterprise application development using Java and related frameworks like Spring, Struts, Hibernate and many more, specially interested in Javascript. I have involved with developments in various domains like Bio-informatics, Hotel Reservation Management, Stock Markets and Logistics and has provided my service for several companies in Sri Lanka as well as overseas.

One of my hobby is blogging. I have my own blog (skillshared) which shares various tutorials,articles, tips related to software developments. I am living with my loving wife and little son.


  1. can you post the chat application with jsf?

  2. I don't know JSF. But I don't think, it will be a matter to integrate chat application to your Java web application. Using only Java and some Javascript.

    1. can you please send me the code of your chat application, i want to integrate it in my project.

      my email address: 3129885453y@gmail.com

      thanks in advance

  3. Hello Sir..

    I am using your chat application in my project, but there is a problem to implement this. Integration of your chat module has been successful but when refresh the page then chat box content has been blank. I am trying to resolve it to persist the chat detail in database but i am unnable to find place where i place the database code. So please help me about this.

    Mukesh Kumar Singh