Saturday, October 27, 2012

How to place the Facebook "Like Box" to your web site or Blog?

One of the very useful social plugin provided by the Facebook is 'Like Box'. If you have placed Facebook like box in your website or blog, then your visitors can make 'likes' to it. This will not be a partial tutorial. I don't want to leave any thing unclear about this. At the end of this tutorial, you must be able to add Facebook like box into your website or blog.

Just look at the right side bar of my blog. You can see Facebook like box there. Unfortunately by this time, my wife and my self has liked to my Blog. I hope, you will also like my blog after reading this tutorial.

OK, let's move to real topic!

Go to this URL,

There you can see all the plugins available with Facebook. Just scroll down and you can see 'Like Box' plugin for you. Click on that link and you will get the following form.

I guess, most of the fields of the right side form are clear for you. But the first field which is 'Facebook Page URL', confuses us. Some people think, this should be your blog or website URL and some are thinking, this should be a Facebook's application URL. So they create new Facebook application and try to get the Facebook like box. Actually as it says, it should be the Facebook page URL. You have to create a Facebook page so that your website or blog will get likes via that page. Facebook 'Like Box' is the plugin which connects Facebook page with our website or blog. We don't actually want visitors to visit Facebook page, but we want, visitors should visit our website or blog. The ultimate target is, we want to allow our visitors of blog or website to give their impression on it by giving a 'likes'.

As the first step, let,s create Facebook page first. Login to your Facebook account and click on 'Like Pages' link on left side bar under PAGES category of Facebook home page. You will get the following page.

You can see 'Create a Page' green color button on right top area of the page. Click on that and you will get the following page.

You can see several categories on this page. Select the one appropriate for you and provide the required details. It is important to provide unique name for your page, because visitors will see that on website or blog. I selected 'Company, Organization or Institution' and my page name is 'Lasanthiblog'. You can see it from bellow image.

After providing a good name for your page, proceed by clicking on 'Get Started' button. You will get the following page which is very important.

As you can see from this image, we have to complete four steps to create our Facebook page. As the first step upload a picture for your Facebook page profile and click 'Save Photo' button. You will be directed to second step. See the picture bellow.

You have to provide some description about your page and URL of your website or blog. I have provided my blog's URL as you can see. Go to next step by clicking on 'Save Info' button. Next page will be displayed as follows.

This step is very important. You will get the public URL of your page from here. You can select proper and meaningful name for your page URL. As you can see, I have given 'lasanthiblog' as page address. Click on 'Set Address' button and you can skip the next step if you don't want to enable adds.

After completing the 4th step, you will be redirected to your page. My page is shown bellow. Actually this is not my real page, I created this page to demonstrate, how to create a Facebook page for you.

Now the hard part is done and you are ready to get Facebook like plugin for your website or blog. Now we have Facebook page RUL.

Now the time to get code for our Facebook like box plugin. Again go to the Facebook plugin page.

Select 'Like Box' and fill the form. After filling the form click on 'Get Code' button. You can get the code in four different ways. But I suggest you to get 'IFRAME' code.

Now you place this code in your website or blog, where you want to place Facebook like plugin. I guess, you can manage that by your selves. I hope this will be helpful for you and if you are still having problem of getting Facebook 'Like Box', please mail to me. I will help you. OK!, go ahead.

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