Semika Siriwardana (BSc in Computer Science)
487/8A,Old Kottawa Road, Udahamulla, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka.

  • Software Engineer with over 6 years of industry experience in various domains and having proven skills of designing and architecting software systems with innovative solutions using latest technologies to satisfy ever-changing business requirements and diverse industries.
  • Technologist with keen knowledge of utilizing emerging technologies for applications in order to optimize the overall project achievements.
  • Sound knowledge in full software development life cycle, OOAD, design patterns, Javascript component developments and best practices.
  • Sound skills on problems and issues identification, research and development on new technologies and frameworks, problem solving and resolution skill.
  • Proven skills on Javascript component development and deep knowledge on various Javascript libraries.


BSc(Second Class) in Computer Science - 2005
University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka


Languages & API’s
J2SE, J2EE, EJB3,JSP/Servlets, JAX-WS,
Web services with Axis
Spring Framework
Spring MVC
Spring i18n, l10n,Security,
Social plug-in,Quartz
Spring Transaction Handling
Apache Struts2,Freemarker, Velocity

Development tools & Platforms
Apache Tomcat, Jboss Application Server, Ant,Maven, Oracle, MySQL, Junit, Eclipse and Jidea, Checkstyle, Jasper Reports, CVS, SVN, Windows, Linux

Front-End technologies
YUI, jQuery, jQuery mobile, Dojo, Ext JS, Kendo UI, Smart GWT
AJAX with JSON and XML, Google App Engine, Google Map


  • Implemented security and quotation module for Zhara HS at JKCS. This includes developing new Javascript component for Zhara HS using jQuery which supports rich options selection.
  • Customized reservation module (Major module in Zhara HS) to meet diverse client requirements and modified reservation module to support multiple room types at JKCS.
  • Played very responsible role at JKCS for ongoing maintenance of reservation module.
  • Implemented Facebook similar chat application using CometD for BLIMP application at EFutures Pvt LTD.
  • Implemented security module, internationalization using spring for BLIMP application at EFutures Pvt LTD.
  • Implemented the key screen (MOI screen) in MARS WEB application using Dojo and showing excellent performance for the success of the project. Enhance the performance of rendering screen significantly at EFutures Pvt Ltd.
  • Implemented full software architecture for SHIMS (Sabaragamuwa Health Information Management System). This is a multi-module project which was excellent technology utilization of Struts2, Spring 2.5, Hibernate 3.2.[ Freelancer Project]
  • Implemented Javascript Component for Image area selection for a semantic web application at AXIOHELIX CO LTD in Japan.


Senior Software Engineer - ShipXpress Inc
Feb 2012 - Present
ShipX Portal:
ShipX portal is a web base application which allows to gain the real time visibility of the ETHANOL supply chain in USA. The system supports to create and manage contracts with the ethanol sellers and buyers and also to create shipments and nomination. The system supports frequent shipment monitoring from origin to destination to freight accruals and reconciliation. And also, the system supports to know contract ratability status, credit exposure and products available for sale in real time and all the time.
Technologies JSP, Servlets, Struts 2, Spring 2.5, Hibernate 3, Smart GWT, AJAX, JSON, JDK 1.6, Oracle 10, Jasper Reports
Project Responsibilities
  • Component level design, implementation.
  • Application deployment into clustered environment.

Senior Software Engineer - EFutures(Pvt) Ltd
August 2011 - Feb 2012
MARSWEB – Manage Accounts Rebalancing System:
Manage Account Rebalancing System is web base application which help investment managers to find the best investment approach in a share market. Investors can maintain their own accounts and account is attached with a portfolio. A strategy can be defined by Investment Managers with some input parameters which are required by NIS optimizer. With this input parameters and data, IM’s can perform optimization and get the information about the best investment approach for each account. MARS web helps to optimize a set of accounts at once after creating an integrated bench mark portfolio.
Technologies JSP, Struts 1, JDBC, Web Services, Axis1, Dojo, AJAX, JSON, JDK 1.6, Oracle 10, Apache tomcat 6
Project Responsibilities
  • Requirement clarification with communicating with client.
  • Component level design and implementation.
  • Performance enhancement at client side by carefully utilizing Javascript object.
  • Developing front end UI functionalities with Dojo framework.
  • Developing Javascript components.

Senior Software Engineer - JKCS
December 2009 – July 2011
Zhara HS:
Zhara HS is the all-in-one hotel management software that enables a resort or a hotel chain to run its entire operation by simply logging on to the Internet. Zhara HS has three modules, Zhara CRS, Zhara PMS and Zhara IBE. Zhara Central Reservation System is designed to manage all types of hotel bookings, whether made directly by guests at the main reservation centre, at the hotel or through travel agents and corporate clients. Zhara CRS is a fully web based solution which supports all types of reservations, individual, group, company, travel agent, multi-rate, and waitlisted. Also system allows for Processing split charges, shared reservations, negotiated rates, and rate discounts. Some of the more features comes with Zhara CRS are defining rates for room type, room category and meal plan, defining discounts and special offers on a varying basis.
Technologies JSP, Struts 2, Hibernate 3, Spring 2.5, EJB3, Maven2, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, FreeMarker, iReport, JDK 1.6, Jboss AS, Oracle 10
Project Responsibilities
  • Report generation with Jasper,iText and Free marker.
  • Development of security module of Zhara HS product.
  • Development of new java script component which support multiple selection and de selections items.
  • Maintenance of Reservation module which is the major functionality of the Zhara HS product.
  • Reservation module customization for two separate hotel chain.
  • All the back end development of Quotation module of Zhara HS product.
  • Source code merging from QA environment to Production, release planning, Build management with Hudson, deploying the applications into production servers.
  • Assigning responsibilities to junior engineers and frequent monitoring their progress and support to them also reporting to project managers about the development status, issues and concern.
  • Knowledge transfers to data base administrators to get done some complex stored procedures.

Software Engineer – Neo Info Mind(Pvt) Ltd
Feb 2009 - December 2009
Mimoza for SOMPHO Insurance Co Ltd – Japan:
Mimoza is a web base application facilitating to manage large number of company’s employee information and healthcare records. System registers large number of companies and branches and their employee information. System keeps track of healthcare records for each employee and analyzes that healthcare information in graphical way.
JSP, Struts 2.1.2, Hibernate 3, Spring 2.5, JDK 1.6, MySQL
Project Responsibilities
  • Implementation and unit testing

Software Engineer - AXIOHELIX CO LTD, Tokyo, Japan
November 2007 - Feb 2009
Semantic Web Folders (SWF):
SWF is a web based database integration system for knowledge description and discovery by interferences. The SWF is based on the Resource Description Framework (RDF) which is a standardized data format for representing information on the web using an XML based syntax and support SQL like query semantics. SWF provides semantic links instead of simple hyperlinks. Furthermore, integrated search engines in heterogeneous data sources were implemented.
JSP, SERVLETS, AJAX, JSON, JDK 1.5, Apache tomcat 6, MySQL 5
Project Responsibilities
  • Development and unit testing

Software Engineer - Neo Info Mind (Pvt) Ltd.
Sep 2006 - Nov 2007
Kappa View – III (Kazusa Plant Pathway Viewer):
Kappa View is a web based application developed for biological community to analysize the natural biological phenomena or pathways through a set of defined maps drawn using SVG. Researchers have gathered huge set of data as large text files and have drawn partially completed pathway maps using SVG. The system should retrieve all the data from the text files and complete the all the maps based on standard biological theories. Researches can upload their own data and can analyze the data using the predefined set of available maps. User also can create dynamic customized maps using available information. This system has unix form user control system.
Project Responsibilities
  • Requirement gathering with client discussion
  • Requirement analysis and design
  • Initial database design and implementation
  • Modularization, module design, task assignment, module integration
  • Implementation and testing
  • Deploying application on client server

Computer Instructor – Information Technology Center, University of Peradeniya
May 2005 - Sep 2006
E-Learning System for WHO Sri Lanka:
A web based system to facilitate health professionals to learn technical stuff online. All technical materials are dynamically extracted to the web browser from a large database.
Technologies PHP, MySQL
Project Responsibilities
  • Requirement gathering with client discussion
  • Requirement analysis and design
  • Initial database design and implementation
  • Implementation and testing

Bumf Keeper - Document Maintaining System:
A client application to keep all the document information like document, file, block, rack of the administrative branch of University of Peradeniya. This includes a keyword search which helps to locate a particular document easily.
Technologies VB6, MySQL
Project Responsibilities
  • Requirement gathering, design, implementation and testing.

Freelance Developer

Blimp Network:
Blimp is a social network system (SNS) which allows users to publish their goods and services (classifieds or blimps) into the world so that any user can particularly deal with a blimp and also the owner of the blimp. Google map is integrated with this application which allows the users to locate and exact location of the blimp owners. Application is providing Facebook similar chat application which allows blimp owners to communicate with other blimp owners. This application is compatible with all the modern browsers.
Technologies Spring 3, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JSP, Servlets, Google Map, CometD, Maven 3, Apache tomcat 7
Project Responsibilities
  • Added project architectural change for exception handling mechanism
  • Implemented Internationalization and Localization
  • Implemented blimp maintenance screens
  • Integrated Spring 3 security with the application
  • Implemented Facebook similar chat using CometD
  • Implemented an AJAX file uploader which is compatible with all modern browsers.

Project SHIMS – Sabaragamuwa Health Information Management System:
SHIMS is a web base application which has several modules to manage health department activities of Sabaragamuwa province.
Technologies Java, Spring 2.5, Struts 2, Hibernate 3.2, jQuery, MySQL, Apache tomcat 7
Project Responsibilities
  • Implemented the full project architecture integrating Spring, Hibernate and Struts 2
  • Application design and development
  • Implemented Java form based authentication


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